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Tea party IN - FIGHTING. It continues on...

Will the disputes between the factions dilute the movement?

That - asked of Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - by Gary at affiliate KFAB.

"As for the future of the tea party - I've never thought that the tea party would have enough backing - or certainly enough money - to be a separate party. But rather would evolve into what it is at its root - a faction of the republican party - and a reason why  more Republican voters will show up to the polls this November than in the past - because they're energized by the notion of pushing tea party sentiment."

There certainly is energy behind the Tea Party movement. of today - there's even a Tea Party Caucus in the House.

Tea party candidates swept primary elections around the country in recent days.

Nevada - one of the states coming out to endorse tea party candidates - puts favored candidate Sharon Angle up against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Also spinning up some buzz:

The Federal Government says they found seepage - two miles from BP's newly installed cap, coming from another well.

With that said - the new cap... is it ACTUALLY working? Or is it making the well worse?

...according to Dr. Paul Brommer - a Professor at the University of Texas at Austin - with a Ph.D in Petroleum Engineering:

"I think the evidence - doesn't suggest that we're gonna have multiple leaks on the ocean floor - from this well."

That was Bommer speaking with the crew at WERC in Birmingham, AL.

The Federal Government is giving oil giant BP another 24 hours to keep the seal on its blown out well - Deep Water Horizon - which started pumping oil into the gulf 93 days ago.

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