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Can you pray in front of the Supreme Court... legally?

A Christian School group - praying with their teacher - in front of the court - asked to leave.

What happened?


"First of all, what really happened here is that a Supreme Court Police Officer - and that's a very small force under federal law - just made a mistake. He was citing a statute under federal law that makes it unlawful - basically - to assemble on the grounds of the building et cetera, et cetera - and stupidly mentioned the word prayer - when he did that... and he never should have done that."

Former Federal Prosecutor Doug Burns - speaking with Jim Polito at affiliate WTAG.

The class was praying for our Government, their Congressman... and the Supreme Court.

Also making some buzz:

The Oil Spill - draining money from the pockets of Oil Giant BP:


"BP Says the gulf coast oil spill has cost them nearly 4 billion dollars. That includes the cost of containment, building those relief wells, and paying out claims."

Fox's Todd Starnes reporting on the ground in New Orleans.

BP thought they had the situation plugged... but some seepage was detected over the weekend.

The good news - it's likely not coming from the well - but was detected NEAR the well.

They've been given the go ahead to continue the integrity testing of the newly installed - tighter plug - and that should last for about another 24 hours...

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