The Sacramento County Public Law Library has come under fire for hosting an art exhibit that critics have called anti-Christian and hostile to a particular religion -- but the library's director refused to remove the paintings.

One of the paintings depicts a large Bible with a warning label reading, ""Warning: May Impair Judgment."

"This public law library is bashing and demeaning the Christian faith, people who believe in the Bible, and religion in genera," said Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. "That is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause."

Dacus has sent a letter demanding the library remove the art work. If it's not immediately removed, he threatened to file an injunction in federal court.

"The author of this artwork is unabashedly condemning people of faith and specifically those who reference the Bible as being stupid," he said.

The Bible painting is called, "Moral Values," created by San Francisco attorney Jeri Wyrick. She describes her artwork as "anti-religious" on her website. It was inspired by exit polling in the 2004 presidential election that showed voters were allegedly more concerned about moral values instead of the war in Iraq.

"I came to the conclusion that there must be something about religious faith which renders people stupid," she wrote on her website.

Coral Henning, the library's director, told the Sacramento Bee she will not remove the art. And, she said, only one person had complained.

"I don't want to judge the art, but I think there are other pieces that provide balance," she told the newspaper.

However, Dacus said there are no paintings that denigrate the Muslim or Jewish faiths.

"If this had been another faith, there would be outrage," he told the newspaper.

Wyrick did not return calls for comment.