Lady Gaga stirred up a bit of religious controversy during her concert in Cleveland - when she compared Jesus to a bisexual dancer.

According to a report in The Plain-Dealer, Lady Gaga declared during her sold-out concert that one of her bisexual dancers was like Jesus, because, "Jesus loves everybody."

During a stop in Toronto, one reviewer noted how she delivered "a deliciously profane Catholic prayer to Jesus's inclusive nature conducted while writhing orgasmically ont he proscenium in a black-leather teddy while slatered in fake blood."

For the record, Elvis never did that.

It's not the first time the flamboyant performer has raised religious eyebrows. Last month she was taken to task by the Catholic League of her music video, "Alejandro."

The video featured lots of half-naked people doing rather inappropriate things to Catholic symbols.

It led Catholic League president Bill Donohue to write:

"Dressed occasionally as a nun in a glossy-red habit, the Madonna wannabe flashes the cross, swallows a rosary and manages to get raped by her S&M boyfriends. Hence, she has now become the poster girl for American decadence and Catholic bashing, sans the looks and talent of her role model."

During an appearance on CNN's Larry King Live, she reportedly said, "So I suppose you could say I'm a quite religious woman that is very confused about religion."

Donohue said that might be an understatement.