A Texas daycare center is facing a state probe over allegations it took a group of six-year-olds to see an R-rated movie.


Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for the Texas Dept. of Family and Protective Services, confirmed to FOX News Radio that Young Expressions Child Care in Waco is under investigation.  He said the allegations are serious.

"We will investigate it thoroughly," he said.


The children were allegedly taken by daycare workers earlier this week to see "Death at a Funeral." A spokesperson for Starplex Cinema told FOX News Radio they were shocked by what happened.

"We wouldn't sell a daycare tickets to anything like 'Death at a Funeral,'" said Elle Beith, the company's human resources director.

She said their working theory is the group had originally asked for tickets to see "Marmaduke." However, that movie was sold out so they opted to purchase tickets to see Robin Hood. Instead, Beith said they believe the daycare group ended up in the theater showing "Death at a Funeral."

 "I can assure you that is not Starplex's policy," said Elle Beith, the company's human resources director. "If they bought tickets to 'Robin Hood,' I wouldn't know why on Earth they would see the other movie."

A man who answered the phone at Young Expressions Child Care and identified himself as a co-owner, told FOX News Radio that the employee involved in the incident has been "reprimanded."

He refused to answer questions about what happened, only to say, "We've done what we were supposed to do. It's over. The end."

But it may not entirely over, according to the state officials.

FOX News Radio has learned that the daycare center, near Waco, has been the focus of previous investigations. In the past two years, Young Expressions Child Care has been cited for 36 violations.

At least 15 of those violations, according to state records, were deemed as "high." The violations ranged from failing to conduct a background check on an employee to "evidence that staff used prohibited punishment by pinching, hitting and grabbing children at the child care center."

At the time of the alleged incident at the movie theater, the daycare center was in good standing with the state licensing board.

Todd Starnes is a FOX News Radio reporter and best-selling author.