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Gun owners - beware!

The city of Chicago is STILL looking for ways to limit your right to bear arms.

"I just don't see what these people are thinking - that by somehow taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens - that that will somehow reduce crime and violence."

That was Ilya Shapiro - Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies at the CATO Institute and Editor In Chief of the CATO Supreme Court Review speaking with the guys at WREC.

This action comes in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning the cities ban on guns. The new law - which comes into effect on Monday - is said to comply with the Supreme Court's ruling - BUT it will still regulate firearms purchases.

Also buzzing on the airwaves today... 85 of the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill disaster...

A new cap was installed yesterday and is now being tested to see if it's actually working.

Fox's Eben Brown - reporting from New Orleans had this to say:

"This cap is going to be - you know - if it's working - is going to stop that leak entirely. They're going to stop the spill - which means so if it's actually working - all they really have to do now is clean up and then you of course have the long term impact which would take probably 5 - 10 years to deal with."

This latest capping project - though temporary - is oil giant BP's best chance for a fix to the problem and to contain the spill.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.