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Sex education for KINDERGARTENERS???

That's what a Montana school district is considering - a sex education curriculum for grades K thru 12.

According to Fox's Todd Starnes - who spoke with Lana and JP on KTRH in Houston this AM:

"Parents are just really outraged. They say that they don't want their 5 year olds to learn - and quite frankly their 5th graders - to learn about sexual positions at that young of an age."

The proposed curriculum involves teaching first graders that it's ok to be attracted to the same sex AND teaches 5th graders various forms of intercourse. Stay tuned, this "Love Story" is far from over.

Also buzzing on the airwaves today...

Off with the old - on with the new - OIL CAP -  that is.

This new tighter fitting cap is expected to collect 80 - 90 percent of the oil that continues to leak out into the Gulf of Mexico.

"This is better engineering behind this - better design - and it should be more - if it's even close in reality to what it suggests it should do on paper - will be much better off."

That was Louis Rom - founder of Beyond Horizon - on the web at horizon spill dot com speaking with Bob at WTVN Columbus, Ohio.

The new cap is expected to be installed in the next week.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.