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Stop the presses!!! Er... uh - the law!

The federal government - taking action against Arizona - filing suit against the states HOTLY debated new illegal immigration law... BEFORE the law even takes effect!

"The two Arizona Senators say that the injunction is unlikely, simply because the law has to go into effect - we have to see how it's actually operating - before a Judge can rule about whether or not it violates the constitution by allowing a state to enforce federal laws which would create a bad precedent and a patchwork of state action on federal laws."

That was Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum...

The law - if it does indeed go into action - would give police the power to question anyone if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal immigrant.

Also whirling into a buzz today:

The US postal service wants you to give them your two cents... or two more cents atleast...

The Postal Service wanting to raise the price of stamps once again - this time to 46 cents.

"The post office in a hole. It's gonna be in a hole for a long time to come, so long as it maintains the current clunky business model - and one of the problems with raising prices is that's just gonna get people to further seek out alternatives like email and online bill pay - so - I'm not exactly sure in the long term what they think they're going to accomplish with this."

That was Tad DeHaven - Budget Analyst for the CATO Institute - speaking with Tony Cruise at WHAS.

The boost is part of a plan of price increases and money saving attempts to keep the postal service afloat and dealing with declining mail volume.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.