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Hot twoppic of the moment is Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, who is continuing to make World Cup headlines. He was spotted last week sitting with Former President Bill Clinton enjoying the U.S. vs. Ghana game in South Africa. This week, Mick declared his support for the Brazil World Cup team after both England and the U.S. were knocked out, saying his son was part Brazilian.  Well, now it seems the man can't get no satisfaction. In fact, he is being called a jinx after the Netherlands knocked out 5-time champion Brazil, 2-1. @paulocoelho tweets Mick Jagger FDP = Mick Jagger SOB. He supported #eng #usa #bra . Remaining teams: forbid his presence in the stadium! I guess you can't always get what you want.

Hot twoppic of the day: the new Spiderman has been named, and although plenty of stars vied for the role that Tobey McGuire held for the first three Spiderman films, a relatively  unknown British Actor won the coveted role.  Andrew Garfield will don the Spidy suit in the reboot of the franchise. The still - untitled film is set to open July 3, 2012. @mitchellgaston tweets Andrew Garfield is going to be the next Spider-man! Not sure who that is, but he looks like a Peter Parker.

Hot twoppic of the week: will he stay or will he go?  The LA Lakers have their answer. Head coach Phil Jackson will put off retirement for another year to go for his 12th career NBA title as a coach.

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