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President Obama speaks today- at Washington DC's American University - stressing the need to fix US Immigration policy.

SO -- Will it be JUST another speech?

Darrell West, Vice President of the Brookings Institution and author of "Brain Gain: Rethinking US Immigration Policy":

"It shouldn't  just be another speech - because everybody's dissatisfied with the status quo. It's one of the unusual features of this issue - that on the one hand nobody likes the current situation - but on the other hand - congress isn't doing anything."

That was west speaking with Fox affiliate KOA in Denver, CO.

Also making a buzz:

Hurricane Alex - growing weaker as it head's inland.

Though it continues to drop high winds and heavy rain in Mexico and Texas.

As the storm progresses inland - what's the impact on the oil spill cleanup efforts in the gulf?

"With Deep Water Horizon - the rig site - you know - things are OK. We have not heard of any problems over there. In fact, the collection containment up at the rig site is still going on. They are still drilling that relief well. You know - the real big impact from this whole thing was that the skimmers could not go out on the sea to collect the oil that is floating on the water."

That was Fox's Eben Brown on the scene in Grand Isle Louisianna.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.