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A Russian Spy ring - BUSTED.

Officials charging 11 people with being secret agents of Russia.

The ring's main goal - to gather information for Moscow - including nuclear weapons research.

The spies were to become "sufficiently Americanized" to gain access to US planning and policies.

"Intelligence services don't just steal secrets - perhaps the most insidious thing that they can do is to influence foreign governments to do stuff that's in their interests and not in ours."

That was Dr. John Lenczowski (LEN CHOW SKI) Founder & President of the Institute of World Politics who took time this morning to speak to many Fox stations.

Russia - disavowing any knowledge of their actions.....

Also buzzing:

 "You know, like all Jews - I was probably at a Chinese restaurant."

That was Supreme Court Nominee Elana Kagan - yesterday...lightening the mood of her confirmation hearing --  when asked by South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham - what she was doing on Christmas day - in reference to the Christmas Day bomber.

Kagan under fire from Republicans...

"They accuse her of giving different answers to the same question depending on which law maker is asking it."

That was Fox's Todd Starnes - speaking with Jimmy Cefalo at WIOD in Miami, FL.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and that's your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.