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Condoms for kids... a Massachusetts school district proceeding with giving condoms to students WITHOUT parental consent as part of their "SEX EDUCATION" program - for students as young as FIRST GRADE.

"To give condoms has nothing to do with sex education. It is making a joke and a mockery out of sexual intercourse."

That was Child Advocate, Psychologist, and Clinical Instructor at Mt. Sinai Hospital Dr. Katherine Smerling - speaking with Helen at WHJJ Providence, Rhode Island.

Though - now after much public outrage - and an outcry from the states governor - the school district says it will consider EXCLUDING students from first to fourth grade from the program.

Also whipping into a buzz today:

Let the hearings begin... the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Nominee Elena Kagan - beginning today.

Kagan will be grilled by republicans... or at least that's what Jim Copland thinks - Copland is the Director of the Center for Legal Policy at the Manhattan Institute and Managing Editor of

"I think the republicans are largely concerned A) that she's demonstrated that she leans pretty significantly to the left and B) that she doesn't have a lot of experience - the requisite experience that recent supreme court justices have had."

That was Copland speaking with April and Stefen at KOA Denver, CO.

Kagans hearings will continue thru the week as the Supreme Court winds down it's term - and outgoing Justice John Paul Stevens serves his last day on the bench... today.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.