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The heat is on - as the US faces Ghana tomorrow - in the chase for the World Cup.

"The American Team is capable of really great things -and they do have this extraordinary teammanship - playing together. So look for a lot of different stand-out players - not just Landon Donavon."

That was Fox's Courtney Kealy speaking with Tony Cruise at Fox affiliate WHAS in Louisville.

The US - ranked 14th in the world - plays Ghana tomorrow - Ghana is ranked 18 places below the US.

If we win - we'll face either Uruguay or South Korea - depending on who the victor is in their face off tomorrow morning.

Also making some buzz today:

It's day 66 - in the gulf... oil continues to bubble up to the surface of the ocean.

Pensacola Beach - the latest victim of beach closures due to oil washing ashore.

And now a storm is expected to hit Pensacola - which could affect the cleanup operations there.

"Our current threshold for starting to take down operations would be 120 hours in advance of gale force winds. And that trips a series of events where we try and move the equipment and the people into safe shelter."

That was Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.