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The heat is on, General Stanley McChrystal - and by the way General... The President is NOT  happy with you!!!

In fact... the President is so unhappy at some comments that the General made - that he was pulled from Afghanistan BACK to Washington to meet with the President.

This all following an interview McChyrstal did with Rolling Stone Magazine - in which he criticized the Obama Administration...

Was McChrystal the victim of some bad advice?

"There could have been advice perhaps given to him saying hey hold off on saying this stuff, or hold off on having journalists tag along with you 24 hours a day. His media advisor has quit, and it may well be a great sort of PR error."

That was Fox's Alastair Wanklyn - speaking with Mark and Valerie at WILM Wilmington, DE.

It's not often that military commanders criticize their Commander in Chief... and when they do the consequences are usually a lot worse than a slap on the wrist.

Also making some buzz today:

McDonalds getting GRILLED by a DC based Consumer watchdog - over the toy in the happy meal! The group says they'll sue - if the toys are NOT removed from the happy meal.

Fox Affiliate WRVA host Jimmy Barrett spoke with NY Based Family Law Attorney Tanya Gendelman this morning and wanted to know if indeed the group SHOULD sue McDonalds:

"No - absolutely not - they are the Grinch who stole happy meals."

The group - the Center for Science in the Public Interest - says that McDonald is encouraging obesity by promoting that their happy meals come with a toy included - and suggests that they include the toys with the healthier happy meal options.

Meanwhile - McDonalds claims to only be only promoting healthy food and toys in the meals that they offer.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.