The anti-meat people have unveiled a plan to rebuild a giant Jesus destroyed by an act of God.

The statue was a local landmark in Monroe, Ohio - a six-story sculpture of Jesus with his arms raised outside the Solid Rock Church. The statue was hit by lightning last week and burned to the ground.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said they will be glad to rebuild the super-sized savior --  so long as he has an anti-meat, pro-animal message.

According to the Dayton Daily News, PETA proposed a new statue - with Jesus holding a lamb - inscribed with a message: "Blessed are the Merciful. Go Vegan."

The pro-animal group sent a letter to the congregation - saying the money to replace the statue would be donated by a Christian PETA supporter.

 "An ever-growing number of Christians believe that eating the flesh of God's creatures supports the unholy cruelty of today's filthy factory farms and slaughterhouses," the letter stated.

Rev. Darlene Bishop said the church appreciated the gesture, but declined to accept PETA's offer.

"We're not interested," she told the Dayton Daily News. "We raise cattle."

PETA has been known to target religious groups--most notably the Southern Baptist Convention. They sent a protester dressed like a chicken to protest the Baptists - and their affinity for fried chicken - known affectionately in some circles as the Gospel Bird.

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