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If you've got a work issued cell phone - you better be careful what you text...

Former Federal Prosecutor Fred Tecce had this suggestion for the guys at WSBA in York, PA this morning:

"At the end of the day - I tell my clients this: You know - If you want to send kind of racy stuff -- then you know don't use the pda or cell phone or blackberry that was given to you by your employer. And in fact, in this case guys - the Supreme Court said these things are so cheap and so pervasive and so easy to get that if you want to do it - go buy your own!"

The Supreme Court ruling unanimously on Thursday - that employers have every right to read your text messages if they have reason to believe work rules are being broken.

Also whipping up a buzz today:

Get ready Arizona... you're going to court!

The Obama administration does NOT like Governor Jan Brewers hotly contested immigration law - and plans on filing suit against the state.

So - what's their concern?

"They're concerned ultimately that this is a federal issue - and the state government - they're going to create the wild west literally on immigration policy."

That was Immigration Attorney Michael Wildes.

Meanwhile as the Justice Department ramps up their case against Arizona - Governor Jan Brewer - thinks the decision to file charges against her state is outrageous and says she will NOT back down and will fight the case in court.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.