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Zero tolerance for acts of patriotism.

An 8 year old boy - along with his 2nd grade class - set to meet their pen pals - were assigned to make a hat for the special day.

David Morales decided to decorate his camouflage hat in honor of our brave military men and women. He adorned the hat with an American flag and small plastic army figures.

The school - SENT HIM HOME! For breaking their "NO WEAPONS POLICY".

"This poor little boy - here he makes this darling little project - has no malice intent whatsoever - and this school has an issue with it because these little toy soldiers are holding "weapons". This is RIDICULOUS and it's going to backfire on the school district - there's gotta be some boundaries that are going to be put in play - eventually."

That was Chicago Family Law Attorney - Jennifer Smetters - on with WINK News Radio in Ft. Myers, FL.

The principal of the school told the family that David's hat would be fine if he replaced the weapon wielding men with ones that weren't holding any guns.

Also spinning into a buzz today:

80 miles of land - stretching along the border in southern Arizona - including part of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge - CLOSED to U.S. Citizens - due to increased violence in the region.

Mark Krikorian - Executive Director for the Center for Immigration Studies - explained the problem to Steve and Rebecca at KXL in Portland, OR earlier this morning:

"The authorities are justifiably worried about some hiker or backpacker being murdered by these smugglers - so the problem really is not that they closed these areas off to American Citizens - the problem is why did they have to do that in the first place - and that's because the federal Government is not doing its job of controlling illegal immigration."

Authorities have seen an increase in violence, smuggling and surveillance over the past 4 months.

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