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A non compliant teenager - punched in the face by a Seattle police officer as she resisted arrest - after being asked by the officer not to jaywalk.

Was the officer in the wrong?

"He has a perfect right to use physical force in order to maintain control of the situation. Police are allowed to escalate the use of force based on the resistance."

Vice President of the National Association of Chiefs of Police - Jim Kouri.

The Seattle police are still investigating what they call "the assault of a police officer".

Also making a buzz today:

President Obama yesterday announcing BP will set aside 20 billion dollars in escrow for the victims of the gulf oil spill.

How will this effect BP?

"BP Is a big enough company with enough oil production and enough accumulated profit that this is not going to sink that ship least not now."

President of Cameron Hanover - An Energy Risk Management Firm - Peter Beutel - speaking with Fox Affiliate WOAI San Antonio, TX.

All the while - clean up efforts continue in the Gulf - following the April 20th explosion of the BP operated rig "Deepwater Horizon".

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