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Hot twoppic of the moment is Apple's iPhone 4 or as Steve Jobs calls it...  You can now preorder  the hot new gadget from Apple's website, reserving up to 2 devices for pick-up at an Apple Store or home delivery on Thursday, June 24th. But if you're hoping for a white iPhone, you're gonna have to wait. Only the black ones are available to preorder.

Hot twoppic of the day is the vuvuzela. Haven't heard of them? Well, if you have watched any of the World Cup games with the volume up, you certainly have heard them. The noisy plastic horns are all the rage at the World Cup. But to many Americans watching at home, they are loud and distracting. Talks of  banning the vuvuzela made some locals upset - they say the horns add to the games... FIFA stands behind the South African instrument, saying it provides a distinctive viewing experience, and reflects the South African culture.

Hot twoppic of the week is the oil spill... BP gets into more trouble at the hearings on the Hill ...when BP execs were confronted with company emails that show BP cut corners on safety measures that may have prevented the spill to save money. One BP drilling engineer called it a "nightmare well,"  six days before the explosion that killed 11 and sunk the oil rig. As efforts to clean up the spill forge onward, BP has ordered 32 of actor Kevin Costner's machines that purify oily water...they  hope it will be what Costner describes as...

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