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Even if you don't follow soccer it's hard to avoid getting caught up in the World Cup, the most watched sporting event on the planet. Twitter is getting in on the excitement, providing a link on the twitter homepage to  World Cup news, including scores, match-ups, and tweets. The Cup is dominating the trending topics on Twitter, making it the hot twoppic of the moment and day. This year it is being held for the first time on African soil.  Friday's opening ceremony featured Shakira who sings the official theme song of the world cup. Linewe Kwele, the chief executive of the Johannesburg Tourism Board says it is an emotional day. For the U.S.A it all starts Saturday in a highly anticipated match against England.

Hot twoppic of the week - amidst the celebration, tragic news for the Mandela family. In Johannesburg, South Africa FOX News Radio's Courtney Kealy has more.

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