What’s On The Tom Sullivan Show 06-09-10

** Tom Returns! **

Principled, but Unpractical? ~ Yesterday's primary results prove the GOP is moving farther to the right! But even with all the growing anti-Obama sentiment, moving to the right doesn't necessarily mean a move to the mainstream. Do yesterday's conservative winners have a shot in November? Tom breaks down yesterday's Super-Duper Tuesday Primary races.

Downward Spiral? ~ According to the Treasury department, our debt will likely climb to nearly 20 trillion by 2015! While this is obviously bad news for job creation and our recovery, Fed Chief Ben Bernanke thinks there are reasons to be optimistic. What do you think? Are we heading toward a double dip recession?

Hot Seat ~ Will FOX get Helen Thomas' vacant seat in the White House Briefing Room? And what lessons can we take from the nation's response to Thomas' career-ending comments? PLUS: The latest on the Israel blockade, Obama's Palestinian aid package & The UN Sanctions on Iran!