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Hot twoppic of the moment - she's at it again. Lady Gaga premiered her new video for her latest single "Alejandro," directed by famed fashion photographer Steven Klein. It runs nine minutes with what Gaga has described as a homoerotic military theme and a "celebration of love and appreciation for the gay community." There are lots of scantily clad men, and Gaga at one point dances in a bra with machine guns attached. And just to spruce up the controversy, plenty of Catholic imagery is in there, including Gaga in a modified nun outfit. @TasminAldridge tweets alejandro has left me speechless. @ladygagaand steven klein, you have just made pure art. and what a masterpiece it is

Hot twoppic of the day is Joran Vandersloot who recently confessed to the killing of Peruvian  girl Stefanie Flores. FOX's Phil Keating. Vandersloot remains in custody in Peru and could face up to 35 years in jail.

Hot twoppic of the week is the hot news of the iPhone4, and Apple just announced that on July 1st they will launch iAd. Apple hopes this will make them the Google of the mobile advertising world.

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