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Setting the stage for November - twelve states hold primaries today.

...including a HOTLY CONTESTED run-off election in Arkansas:

That was Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes - who spoke to many of our affiliates this morning.

In Nevada - three republican candidates are in the running to take on incumbent Senator Harry Reid. According to recent polling, the tea party candidate there - Sharon Angle - shows a slight edge out of the three potential candidates.

Tea party candidates expected to pull out wins both in Nevada and Georgia.

Other states GOING TO THE POLLS today include - California, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Maine, New Jersey, North and South Dakota, Iowa and Montana.

Also making for some buzz today:

As BP works to contain the leak in the gulf - it's said to be collecting 20,000 barrels of oil per day.

So - will BP sell and ultimately PROFIT from those barrels of oil it's now collecting?

That was Nicole Gelinas - Author of "After the Fall: Saving Capitalism from Wall Street and Washington" - speaking with WINK news radio in Fort Myers, FL.

Though the containment and clean-up effort continue - officials warn the spills effects could be felt FOR YEARS.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.