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Hot twoppic of the moment is long-time  White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who retired as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers on Monday, ending a five-decade career. Her abrupt announcement came after she made some controversial  remarks about the Middle East. On May 27th Thomas had told the website that Israeli's should get out of Palestine. The remarks drew criticism from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.  Thomas is three months shy of her 90th birthday.

Hot twoppic of the day is the MTV Movie Awards, they also picked up Best  Movie, Best Female Performance for Kristin Stewart, Best Kiss, and Pattinson also took home the Global Superstar award.

Hot twoppic of the week the new iPhone4.  Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced her to the world Monday, with some impressive new features. Video calling, super crisp graphics, and HD Video recording are just some of the cool things the new iPhone can do. Pre-order starts June 15th--the phones will be in stores on June 24th starting at just under $200.

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