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Six weeks of oil bubbling up to the surface of the ocean - and spreading wider and wider across the waters...

BUT! The cap is on!

And the containment device is now collecting oil... though it's not clear how much.

As they continue to attempt to find a fix - images of oil soaked wildlife - flash on the TV screens. Wetlands and marshlands being covered in a thick sheen of oil.

Who's calling the shots in the cleanup effort there?

According to Lou Rom - founder of Beyond Horizon - on the web at -

That was Rom - speaking with Fox News Radio affiliate WFLF Panama City, FL.

If this latest attempt to contain the leak fails - the next real hope is a relief well - which is at least 2 months away.

Also spinning into a buzz:

President Obama and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer meeting yesterday to discuss Arizona's new and highly controversial immigration law.

A law which the President calls "MISGUIDED".

The law - making it a state crime to be in the country illegally.

How'd the meeting go?

That was Fox News Political Analyst Jeff Birnbaum - speaking with KCMO Kansas City, MO.

The Obama administration thinks the law is a clear violation of civil rights - and as a result has ordered justice department officials to review the law - and consider suing the state to STOP the law from being enforced.

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