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A woman - suing Google for bad directions - THAT SHE FOLLOWED!!!

That was Criminal Defense Attorney //  founder and principal member of the Bonjean Law Group - Jennifer Bonjean - who spoke with many of our fox news radio stations this morning .

The woman - in an attempt to walk from one cite of Park City Utah to the other - followed the directions -- provided to her blackberry  - right onto a busy roadway - that didn't have sidewalks! The woman was ultimately was struck by a car.

Laura Rosenburg filing suit in US District court in Utah - against Google and against the motorist she claims hit her.

Rosenburg is seeking more than 100,000 dollars in medical costs and punitive damages in the suit.

Also making some buzz today:

The Supreme Court is on the case...

In a 5 to 4 decision - your right to remain silent - requires you to speak up... about remaining - well -- silent.

Judge Sonia Sotomayor - among the 4 dissenters - warning that this decision "turns Miranda upside down."

Cleveland based Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth Kelly - speaking with the guys at WLOB Portland, ME.

In the decision - once rights have been read   - and questioning begun - a suspect must clearly declare that he or she wants to remain silent - and can't just simply BE silent.

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