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Nine activists killed over the weekend - on a Gaza bound flotilla - as they attempted to carry aid supplies to the Palestinian territory.

Fox's Alastair Wanklyn speaking to many of our Fox News Radio stations.

The Israeli military receiving reports just prior - that the boat had links to Al Qaeda.

In light of the weekend's events - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled his meeting with President Obama - scheduled to take place today.

Also buzzing on the waves today:

It's been SIX WEEKS NOW - and nothing has worked yet to stop the leak in the gulf.

The latest attempt - "TOP KILL" - failed.

BP still scrambling for a fix - now - "CUT AND CAP" - saw thru the leaky pipe and cap it - will likely take place sometime this week.

What do the critics think?

That was LOU ROM - Founder of "BEYOND HORIZON" - on the web at horizon spill dot com speaking to Big John and Amy at WIND Chicago.

BP doesn't think the problem will be completely resolved until well into August.

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