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As of this morning, The spill rages on in the gulf - over a month later.

BP waiting to see if their latest attempt - the "KILL SHOT" actually worked. There's a 60 - 70 percent chance of success, according to BP.

TJ Walker - Crisis Management Consultant - spent the morning speaking to many of our Fox Radio Affiliates including KERN in Bakersfield CA - who asked of him - what if this kill shot DOES work? What's next?

The fear - if this "KILL SHOT" doesn't work - is that it could actually make the leak WORSE.

Hearings continue to take place into the April explosion and sinking of the rig - Deepwater Horizon - operated by BP.

Meanwhile, the US Geological Survey now says the amount of oil gushing out is MUCH larger than previously reported by BP - more than half a million gallons of oil leaking into the gulf - A DAY.

Also buzzing on the airwaves today:


Lee DeWyze - crowned the victor on Season 9 of "American Idol" last night.

That was Ericka Souter - of magazine US Weekly - speaking with WIOD Miami, FL.

DeWyze - described as "shy" is a former paint store clerk from Mt. Prospect, IL.

With the welcoming of a new "Idol" - viewers also said good bye to judge Simon Cowell.

A replacement for Cowell has yet to be named. - and THAT buzz will go on for a while.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.