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Hot twoopic of the moment is "American Idol" - more specifically Lee Dewyze. The judge's chose one of the two songs each of the final three belted out on Tuesday night -- Lee sung Leonard Cohen's  "Hallelujeh," chosen by Simon Cowell.  Tonight we will find out who the remaining two finalists will be when one person goes home. Next week, the new American Idol will be crowned.

Hot twoppic of the day is The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic mascots named Wenlock and Mandeville, who were unveiled Wednesday in London. The mascots were created from the last drops of steel left over from the construction of the final support girder for the Olympic Stadium. The one-eyed creatures were getting mixed reviews on Twitter. @simthings tweets People can say what they like about the Olympicmascots. I think they're cute. They might get a few kids off the sofa and into sport. ^_^

Tuesday night "Glee" aired with a special guest star - "How I Met Your Mother" ' s  Neil Patrick Harris, who played an old nemesis of Mr. Shue. Fans called the episode one of the best of the season @ericlafontaine tweets Finally watching last nights glee! Neil Patrick Harris for sure needs a reoccurring role! Its like combining the 2 greatest shows on TV!! Twitter is already buzzing about next week's episode when Glee goes Gaga. Get ready for some crazy costumes in the episode entitled "Theatricality." "Glee" is your hot twoppic of the week.

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