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Well, dim the lights... the results are in - and the people have spoken.

Primaries held yesterday in AR, KY, OR and PA - voters on both sides shooting down candidates endorsed by both the President and top senate republican Mitch McConnell.

In Pennsylvania - 5 term incumbent Senator Arlen Spector - rejected for the democratic nomination.

Not a surprise - according to Jeff Birnbaum - Fox News Political Analyst - speaking with WREC Memphis, TN:

In Arkansas - there will be a runoff on June 8th - as Senator Blanche Lincoln was unable to win a majority of the vote against Lt. Gov Bill Halter. The winner will face the republican nominee - Representative John Boozman in November.

In Kentucky - Tea Party favorite Rand Paul -  the son of Texas Congressman Ron Paul - winning the republican nomination for Senate.

Also making some buzz today...

Weighing in at 132 lbs - a 5 food 8 inch tall hooters waitress says she was given 30 days - to lose weight!

That was Chicago Based Employment Attorney Kelly Saindon - with Jim Polito at WTAG Worcester, MA.

Twenty year old Cassie smith says in fact when she started the job 2 years ago - that she weighed 10 pounds more! She says Hooters even gave her a free gym membership to help with her weight loss.

Hooters says it isn't so.. claiming there's no weight requirement.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.