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Clumps of oil - up to 8 inches in size -- have reportedly reached the shore of the Florida Keys.

It's yet to be determined if they are coming from the site of the blown out well in the gulf - though it seems likely to be the case.

Fox's Eben Brown speaking this morning with WHBC Canton, OH.

BP - in it's latest attempt to "FIX" the problem - has run a mile long tube from the ocean floor - and is now siphoning at least "some" of the crude into a tanker for collection.

Also making some buzz today...

Four states - holding primary elections.

Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Arkansas.

In Pennsylvania - a special election to fill the seat vacancy of the late Congressman John Murtha.

Primary turnout will drive that special election - that according to Reid Wilson - Editor of Hotline OnCall - Washington's top political tip sheet.

Pennsylvania is just one of the key states voting today.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.