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An all-star comedy shines on this week's FOXLight DVD release roundup. Various couples' and singles' lives intertwine in Valentine's Day, starring Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway and others.

Morgan Freeman is Nelson Mandela, who unites with the Captain of South Africa's rugby team, Matt Damon, in a bid to unite the entire country, in the Clint Eastwood-directed Invictus.

Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell are trying to find someone who might cure a rare genetic disorder that's befallen their two children in Extraordinary Measures. Harrison Ford is the key researcher, in this true story treatment.

Jackie Chan is a CIA operative who attempts to retire, marry neighbor Amber Valletta, win over her kids, and save the world in The Spy Next Door.

Also out this week...

Ben Foster is a battle-scarred Iraq War vet who is assigned to the Army's Casualty Notification detail in The Messenger. Teamed with a stoic Woody Harrelson, Foster falls in love with Samantha Morton, the wife of a fallen soldier he's sent to notify.

Al Pacino and director Brian DePalma re-teamed for 1993's Carlito's Way, their second Cuban gangster flick, which is New to Blu-ray this week. Sean Penn starred as Pacino's crooked and drug-fueled lawyer.

TV shows premiering on DVD this week include...

Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The 5th Year...

'80s action faves 21 Jump Street: The Complete 2nd Season...Hunter: The Complete 2nd Season...and The Greatest American Hero: Season 1 and The Complete Series...

And cable comedies The Whitest Kids U'Know: The Complete 3rd Season - Uncut and Uncensored...and smash ventriloquist The Jeff Dunham Show: The Complete Series.

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