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A warning from Pakastani Taliban Militants - American will soon "BURN".

Director for the Center of Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University Lt. Col Jeff Addicott with WPTI Greensboro NC - one of the many fox radio affiliates he spoke with this morning.

The Pakastani Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing of New York's Times Square earlier in the month.

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Should you face jail time - FOR SWEARING?

Well, the ACLU doesn't think so. - filing suit earlier arguing the right to use profanity is protected under the U.S. Constitution.

That was Privacy Law Attorney Scott Vernick - on with WILM Wilmington, DE this morning.

According to the ACLU - in Pennsylvania ALONE - there are some 750 people facing illegal disorderly conduct charges because of the use of profanity.

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