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Facing Fall - out. From last week's 1,000 point drop of the dow.

Analysts and experts continue to scratch their heads as to what exactly happened to cause the drop.

...Finance Expert Bill Bartmann - on with KCOL Fort Collins, CO - he's also author of the book "Bailout Riches!".

Major stock exchanges are now considering adopting new "circuit breakers" that would slow trading during rapid swings in the market to prevent what happened last week - from occurring again.

Congressional hearings on the plunge begin today.

Also making some buzz on the airwaves today...

Attempts continue to stop the oil leak.

As 200,000 gallons a day - of oil - spill into the gulf.

That's Brian Johnson, Federal Affairs Manager at Americans for Tax Reform - on W-I-N-K radio. The latest attempt to stop the leak - chemical dispersant. Two tests have shown the chemical helps to break up the oil before it reaches the surface.

The ecological effect of this chemical is not known.

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.