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Hot twoppic of the moment is the NYPD, who shut down a part of New York's Times Square on Friday -- the second time in less than a week due to a "suspicious package" outside of a hotel. Luckily, the package turned out to be harmless.  And some good news for the NYPD -- since last week's attempted car bombing, Mayor Bloomberg has dropped plans to slash nearly 900 cops from the NYPD's budget.

Hot twoppic of the day is Iron Man 2, which is expected to rock the box office this weekend. The highly anticipated comic book sequel has already taken in $7.5 million in midnight screenings . The film will debut this weekend in nearly 4,400 venues,  industry insiders saying  it will likely post the biggest opening of 2010, and be one of the highest grossing movies...ever.

Don't forget -- Mother's Day is Sunday...and while tweets with Mother's Day gift ideas, shoping guides, and brunch place suggestions, have made Mother's Day your hot twoppic of the week, an interesting fact is being retweeted., a cheating website for married people says that the day after Mother's Day is one of the most busiest for sign up on the site --  a haven for women who feel disappointed  by their spouses on a holiday they should be celebrated.


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