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Hot twoppic of the moment is Greece after major riots broke out. That's  the sounds of Greek police firing  tear gas at protesters after lawmakers approved  a bailout bill.  Consequently, the Dow Jones industrials plunged almost 1000 points on fears that Greece's debt problems may spread. It was reported that the plunge was made more severe by human error on trading desks. The New York Stock Exchange denied any bad trades...the SEC is investigating. The Greece riots dispersed late Thursday but some worldwide apprehension remains...FOX Business Network's Neil Cavuto.

Hot twoppic of the day is Former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor who was arrested Thursday morning.  Another man was arrested for holding the victim, who was a runaway, against her will. The Hall of famer and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant will fight the charge.

Hot twoppic of the week: Lady Gaga, who performed on "American Idol" on Wednesday night.  "Idol" kept it's number one status, but drew its lowest-rated Wednesday night audience since 2002, with 19.1 million viewers. It was 17-year-old Aaron Kelly who got the boot - Jamie Foxx will mentor the final four next week as they pick songs from cinema.

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