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The Washington Post Company is putting Newsweek up for sale, ending a relationship that dates back to 1961.  The print landscape continues to struggle with recession, loss of readership, and more getting their news online. Newsweek has been operating in the red for the past 3 years... the current owners are hoping to find a buyer who can turn the magazine around. Newsweek is your hot twoppic of the moment.

Get out your margaritas and tortillas, it's Cinco De Mayo, the annual celebration that commemorates the victory of the Mexican militia over the French army at the battle of Puebla back in 1862. The day of Mexican pride is being celebrated in the U.S, but some are using it as a day of protest in the light of the recently passed immigration bill in Arizona. Even a pro basketball team is sending a message: @RobbyNova tweets Happy Cinco de Mayo! So cool that Phx Suns are wearing their 'Los Suns' jerseys to support Latino comm and speak against AZ immigration law! Cinco de mayo is your hot twoppic of the day.

Hot twoppic of the week is Miley Cyrus who released her new video for her upcoming single "Can't be Tamed." 17-year- old Miley got her Britney on, gyrating on a pole  scantily clad, causing the Disney label to be all but forgotten. The single drops on June 22nd.

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