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He acted alone - or so that's what suspect Faisal Shahzad tells authorities - just days after an attempted car bomb plot in the heart of mid town Manhattan.

The question - should Shahzad have been mirandized?

That was former federal prosecutor FRED TECCE - speaking with KFBK Sacramento, CA.

Also churning up some buzz today...

...and then there were 2! BP Spokesman Curtis Thomas speaking this morning.

But even though they've been able to cap one of the holes - they haven't been able to diminish the volume   of oil spewing into the gulf.

And that number? 200,000 gallons of oil A DAY!

Clean up efforts continue as BP hopes they've found a solution to the problem - tomorrow floating what they call a "dome" out to the rig - which would disperse the oil onto containment ships.

According to Fox's Eben Brown on the scene in Venice, LA:

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