Most Americans believe rulings by federal and state judges have been more anti-religious than the Founding Fathers contended, according to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports.

Sixty-four percent of Americans said that judges are anti-religious. Among evangelical Christians, the number is 87 percent.

"Legal scholars, religious leaders and politicians have argued for decades over whether the 'separation of church and state' is actually enshrined in the Constitution," the report stated. "One side argues that the Constitution merely prohibits the establishment of a government-mandated official religion, but the other reads in the document the complete banishment of religion from anything touched by the government. The courts in recent years have leaned in the direction of the latter position."

The Rasmussen findings were released after a federal judge ruled the National Day of Prayer statute was unconstitutional. President Obama vowed to appeal the ruling.

Federal judges have also banned religious activities in school and in New Jersey, outlawed the playing of Christmas carols with religious lyrics.

The Rasmussen poll also found that 46 percent believe the Supreme Court has been too hostile toward religion; only 13 percent said it has been too-friendly toward religion.

Your thoughts, readers?

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