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Hot twoppic of the moment:  Bieber  Fever has struck again, this time Down Under. A Justin Bieber appearance  in Sydney Australia had to be canceled  after thousands of Bieber fans camped out overnight for his only scheduled concert in Australia. But when the screaming tweens began to surge forward, they broke down the crowd barrier and girls near the front were being crushed against the stage. It was reported that 100 girls were pulled out of the crows suffering from distress, 10 fainted, and 2 were taken to the hospital for more serious injuries. Police then canceled the show for safety reasons.

Hot twoppic of the day: Kevin Harvick won the Nascar Sprint Cup Sunday at the Talladega Superspeedway by just three feet,  snapping at 115-race losing streak. This years Daytona 500 winner Jamie McMurray finished second.

After an Iranian cleric said last week that earthquakes were God's punishment for scantily clad women, feminists were outraged. One woman set out to prove the theory wrong by setting a day for women to dress as immodestly as they felt comfortable and measuring the seismic activity.  The day chosen was Monday, April 26th, and with the help of Facebook, the movement went viral, garnering 80,000 women who pledged participation. The ironic twist in the story is that there was an earthquake on Monday, a 6.5 magnitude quake in Taiwan. There were no casualties, but it made the internet-dubbed "Boobgate" your hot twoppic of the week.

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