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Hot twoppic of the moment is the speed limit -in the UK, drivers will be forced to obey the speed limits or pay some hefty fines- thanks to technology, traffic cops will be watching ...from outer space.  Reportedly, PIPS Technology has developed a system called "Speedspike"  that uses two cameras on the ground and one satellite in orbit to catch speeders. The system works in all light and weather, and could catch on if successful.

Holy Hotdogs! Archie Comics is introducing an openly gay character at Riverdale High --  new student Kevin Kellar. He will make his debut in September  as  the new hunk in town, and Veronica falls for him.  Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater  says the move was intended to keep the world of Archie "current and inclusive." Archie Comics is  your hot twoppic of the day.

Hot twoppic of the week -the NFL Draft has begun... FOX News Radio's Sal Giangrasso has more.

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