Ed Malin, the owner of Angie's Subs, was wondering where all of his money was going so he decided to do the math. After adding up the numbers, Ed discovered 65 percent of his income was going to pay taxes.

"That's not America," Ed told WJXT. "That's not why I work 90 hours a week."

So he decided to let the folks in Jacksonville Beach, Florida know exactly how he felt. He erected a sign outside his shop that reads, "A Bible thumpin', gun totin' capitalist pig owns this joint."

Ed told the local television station he doesn't agree with where the country is heading and said the idea for the sign after attending a local Tea Party rally.

His sign has generated quite a bit of conversation in Jacksonville Beach. While some customers say Ed may have gone too far, others are supportive.

"I pulled my car up and I went, 'Yes! The truth. The truth will set you free," John Tipton told WXJT.

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Todd Starnes is a reporter for FOX News Radio and a best-selling author.