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Hot twoppic of the moment is the passing of a great civil rights leader, Dorothy Height, who worked for equality for both African-Americans and women.  She was president of the National Council of Negro Women for over 40  years... she passed away on Tuesday at the age of 98.  The President  @BarackObama tweeted Today we lost the godmother of the civil rights movement, Dr. Dorothy Height, who devoted her life to those struggling for equality.

Hot twoppic of the day is Happy 420,  a number used by many to denote smoking marijuana. The phrase is a trending topic on twitter as a call to legalize marijuana. Today there will be rallies across the country to promote the decriminalization of  marijuana in small amounts for adults.  But,  in a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press, 55% of Americans oppose legalizing marijuana and only 33% support it.  Californians will get to vote on a ballot inititative this November that would legalize marijuana in the state.

Hot twoppic of the week is Apple, who had a security breach this week.  Apple Software Engineer Gray Powell, forgot his iPhone at a bar. But this was no ordinary was the next generation iPhone, or so says the tech website Gizmodo. The person who found the phone sold it to the site  where pictures and an anaylsis of the new features on the found iPhone were posted. Some upgrades: a front-facing video chat camera, a larger battery, and an improved display. The new iPhone was supposed to be under wraps until its launch this summer.

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