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Two top al Qaeda leaders killed in Iraq. -- A devastating blow to the al Qaeda network.

Found hiding in a safe house - the two were killed early Sunday morning in a raid led by US and Iraqi forces.

...Director for The Center of Terrorism law at St. mary's University - Lt. Col Jeff Addicott on this morning with WOAI San Antonio.

Also buzzing today...

Sexting on the job's dime...

The Supreme Court -- taking up a case involving a California police officer who used his work issued cell phone to sext his wife and mistress.

According to privacy law attorney - Scott Vernick - the difficulty you have in this case is even though the cops department said they'd be subject to the departments no privacy policy -- The supervisor said if you go over the text limit - you can pay for overuse giving the impression that the department would not scrutinize text messages, and that the phone could be used for personal use.

When the job found out about the personal "use" of the phone - the worker sued. -- Claming it was a violation of privacy.

There is a very big blur between what is private and what is personal when you are at work, Vernick said. It's now up to the Supreme Court top come up with a clear message....

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