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The National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional?

A win for a Wisconsin based group called the "Freedom From Religion Foundation" - as Wisconsin Federal Judge Barbara Crabb found yesterday that it violates the First Amendment prohibition against laws respecting an establishment of religion.

Kelly Saindon a Chicago based Trial, Family and Civil Rights Attorney - does NOT agree.

"This ruling is going to be appealed. This ruling is going to end up before the Supreme Court. This ruling is then going to be overturned."

Also buzzing today...

A plume of volcanic ash has spread across northern Europe - severely disrupting air traffic. The ash - from an Icelandic volcano.

...Fox's Alastair Wanklyn.

As a result of the ash - a ban on flights in the English controlled air space has effected countries including the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, France, Norway, and Finland.

Europe's air traffic control center is predicting that some 17,000 flights would be cancelled today!

The no fly ban in the English controlled airspace is expected to last at least until Saturday!

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