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Hot twoppic of the moment: it has been a travel day of misery for some Europeans --  A trip that will have to wait, due to a massive volcano in Iceland which spewed ash clouds across Europe on Thursday, grounding flights and stranding thousands of passengers. Air space was closed over  much of Europe as well, how long travelers will be stranded depends on the wind.

Hot twoppic of the day is Tax Day! And after seeing your hard earned cash go to Uncle Sam, what better way to turn that frown upside down than free stuff! A number of businesses are offering tax day deals: at Dunkin Donut's, a free donut if you buy a cup of coffee,  Cinnabon will give you two free cupcake bites, and P.F. Chang's will take 15% off your total bill.

Hot twoppic of the week: President Obama out to silence critics of his plan for NASA. His plan alludes to canceling NASA's $9 billion mission to the moon, and shifts NASA's focus away from  manned space missions and towards  commercializing space flight. The topic is a polarizing one. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin supports the President's plan and wants to focus on an international space community. But fellow astronaut Gene Cernan has a different point of view. The President did make clear the goals for NASA are still astronomical.

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