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President Obama visiting Kennedy Space Center today.

To talk about his vision for the future of America's Manned Space Program. Not everyone is on board....

"We can spend 787 billion on the stimulus last year - but NASA can only get 3 billion a year. The country has the resources to keep and expand our expertise and resources on the final frontier."

So says Former NASA Astronaut Tom Jones - on this morning with WIND Chicago, IL.

Jones continued by saying that: "President Obama should be supporting the space program wanting it to become more vigorous. Obama thinks shutting down the space program for a few years and investing in research is a good idea. My argument," says the former Astronaut,"  is once you take this team apart and let it slip away - it'll be much more expensive to reassemble it in a few years. This is too radical a change."

Also buzzing today.....

It's tax day - and after winding their way across the country - the tea party express has finally arrived in Washington, DC - where later today they will hold a tax day tea party.

The 20 day - 47 city tea party express tour kicked off in Searchlight, NV with stops in Marquette, MI, Boston and finally - Washington, DC.

Tea parties are happening today all across the country - calling for a stop to out of control taxes, an end to bailouts and reduction to big government.

Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso spent time on board the Tea Party Express bus travelling from Boston to the Nation's Capitol yesterday... and had this to say:

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