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Children who are frequently spanked - at the age of three - are more likely to show aggression when they were five. That's what.a study out conducted by Tulane University found.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere - speaking with WOAI San Antonio, TX had this to say: The bottom line is - there is a better way to deal with the kids - When we spank, it's out of our own frustration and anger - based on the love we have for our kids.

Gardere continued: Kids these days are subjected to all sorts of aggression - video games - movies - we already have a very aggressive society. We need to show kids a better way to alleviate frustration. Use time outs - positive reinforcement - color charts help kids work thru certain goal. Be consistent.

Also buzzing today.....

Return to sender!

A woman from Tennessee adopts a boy from a Russian orphanage - only to return him - claiming the child was violent and had psychological problems.

Family law attorney Vikki Zeigler -says - "This mother made some very poor choices. She should have reached out to family services. Don't send him back to the unknown... get him help. Family services could get him placed with a family who could raise him better." gets better. The adoptive mother puts the seven year old boy - on a plane - alone. With a note in his pocket that said "I no longer wish to parent this child."

The family paid a driver $200 to meet the boy at the airport and bring him to the Russian Education ministry. AND! No one from Russia was aware he was coming back!

Russian officials found the boy - with his American passport and adoption documentation and the note - upon his arrival at the ministry.

This case has triggered a huge international outrage... As you can imagine -. As angry Russian officials are calling a halt to all US adoptions until they can create some conditions and obligations for adoptions such as this one.

And, according to Ziegler - That... could really cause some major international concerns with adoption.

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