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She certainly won't have to charge for teaching that "Milkshake" anytime soon...  R&B star Kelis's Her high profile ,marriage to rapper Nas ended in divorce, but website TMZ has reported that a judge recently ordered Nas to pay Kelis more than $350,000 in back support plus her legal and accounting fees. That's on top of the $51,000 he pays monthly in child and spousal support. Some were tweeting their support of Kelis...others  thought she is nothing but a golddigger.  Love her or hate her, Kelis is your hot twoppic of the moment.

Hot twoppic of the day is the hit show "Glee," which returns tonight after a four month hiatus. @AnsaAmna tweets Today is going to be a long day of work! Rewarded tonight by watching the new episode of Glee and Matthew Morrison! Anyone else excited? Yeah... pretty much everyone is excited on twitter, tweeting favorite quotes from "Glee" and proclaiming their love for the show. Tune in tonight to see the Glee kids in action tonight at 9:28pm on FOX.

Hot twoppic of the week is Promoted Tweets, the name for Twitter's  much-anticipated advertising platform which rolled out Tuesday. The platform allows businesses to pay to have their sponsored messages appear at the top of users' searches, much like the way Google inserts advertising in to things like Gmail. This is Twitter's big plan to make money on the site, but some wonder if it will kill Twitter's carefree vibe.

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