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Come summer time - Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring, as he's just about to turn 90.

The departure of Justice Stevens leaves a SECOND Supreme Court appointment to be made by President Obama in as many years -- to shape the court.

There has been mention of many names that are in the running to fill the vacancy... The latest mention - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

"...even if Obama picks someone as liberal as Stevens - he's just keeping up the status quo. If he picks a moderate - then he'll move the court to the right."

-- Those comments by Former Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice under President Clinton, Andy Fois - on with KFTK St. Louis, MO.

Obama and his democrat allies are hoping for a speedy confirmation process once the nomination to the high court has been made. Only time will tell if that hope is wishful thinking.

Also buzzing today.....

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference - held in New Orleans.

-- Texas Governor Rick Perry.

A closely watched Straw Poll held on Saturday. The winner - Mitt Romney - and he didn't even attend the conference!

Brad Blakeman - Former Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush - isn't so sure that Romney will be the choice of the Republicans in 2012. But rather, Blakeman thinks it'll be someone that no one is even thinking of yet.

According to Blakeman - "Look to the people who weren't mentioned in that straw poll... the stars are aligning in the republican party - like they did for the democrats when they picked Carter and Clinton." "...Someone like Governor Haley Barber or Senator John Thune... someone who will capture the American Spirit and the spirit of the republican party."

I'm Jessica Curtis - and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.